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In the past years, we paid tribute to a select group of women who have made a positive and lasting contribution to our society by virtue of their achievements in various fields, including the arts and politics.  Previous participants in our International Women's Day celebrations have included:

  • Jan Chapman - Producer (“The Piano”, “The Last Days of  Chez Nous”)
  • Doris Leader Charge - Native American actress, translator of “Dances With Wolves”
  • Stevie Wonder - Acclaimed musician and composer
  • Barbara Trent - Creator of Oscar-winning documentary “Panama Deception”
  • Betty Friedan - Women’s activist, author (“The Feminine Mystique”)
  • Tiana Thi Thanh Nga - Vietnamese creator of “From Hollywood to Hanoi”
  • Akosua Busia - Ghanaian artist, screenwriter and actress  (“The Color Purple”)
  • Moustapha Akkad - Iraqi producer of “Lion of the Desert”
  • Dolores Huerta - Cofounder, United Farm Workers of America
  • Anna Deavere Smith - Professor, writer, performer, (“Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992”)
  • Robin Swicord - WGA Nominee, screenwriter/co-producer, (“Little Women”)
  • Miranda Richardson - Actress, Oscar nominee (“Tom & Viv”)
  • Julie Carmen - Actress (“Gloria”, “Milagro Beanfield War”)
  • Beah Richards - Actress (“Guess Who's Coming to Dinner”), author (“A Black Woman Speaks”, “One is a Crowd”)
  • Beatrice Wood - 104 year old sculptor, potter, ceramist, photographer, author (“Shock Myself”, the subject of  Truffaut's “Jules and Jim”)
  • Le Ly Hayslip - Author (“Woman of Peace”, “When Heaven and Earth Changed Places” filmed by Oliver Stone)
  • Tantoo Cardinal - Canadian-Indian Actress (“Dances With Wolves”, “The Black Robe”, “Where The Rivers Flow North”, “Lakota Woman”)
  • Tippi Hedren - Actress (“The Birds”, “The Countess from Hong Kong”)
  • Olivia Schwartz - Educator, cofounder of Children of Chernobyl
  • Lydia Brazon - Executive director, Humanitarian Law Project
  • Nenad Bach - Croatian Film Composer; performed with Pavarotti and U2 (fund-raiser for Bosnia)
  • Sarah Pillsbury - Producer (“Desperately Seeking Susan”, “Love Field”, “Eight Men Out”, “River's Edge”, “And the Band Played On”)
  • Lumi Cavazos - Actor (“Like Water for Chocolate”)
  • Denise Alexander - Executive producer (“Hidden in Silence”)
  • Brenda Blethyn - Actress, Oscar nominee (“Secrets & Lies”)
  • Rose Freedman - 104 year old Austrian born immigrant who is one of the sole survivors of the tragic fire at the Triangle Shirt Waist Co.
  • Allison Anders - Writer/director (“Gas, Food, Lodging” and “Mi Vida Loca.”)
  • Mitsuye Yamada - Japanese born writer, a survivor of the Idaho concentration camp and former Amnesty International board member
  • Marcy Polier - Entrepreneur, philanthropist, founder of Entertainment Data Inc.
  • Vivian Brown - Prototypes, CEO, A Center for Innovation in Heal Mental Health & Social Services
  • Irene Opdyke - Featured on Oscar nominated “Courage to Care” documenting during World War II
  • Alexandra Nechita - 11 year old whose artistic achievements have earned her the title of the new Picasso and the official artist for 1997 Grammy awards
  • Stefania Burzminski - Saved 13 Jews by hiding them, at great personal risk, for two and half years in her attic
  • Robert Wise - Producer, director (“West Side Story”, “The Sound of Music”)
  • Bill Duke - Actor (“Deep Cover”), director (“Sister Act II”)
  • Illeana Douglas - Actress (“Grace of My Heart”, “Rough Riders”)
  • Gloria Allred - Lawyer
  • Diane Lane - Actress (“A Little Romance”)
  • Shirley Knight - Actress, Golden Globe winner (“The McMartin Trial”)
  • Polly Draper - Actress (“Thirty Something”)
  • Soraya Mire - Human rights activist
  • Giselle Fernandez - Journalist, host (“Access Hollywood”)
  • Kim Campbell - First female Prime Minister of Canada
  • Donzaleigh Abernathy - Actress (“Any Day Now”), author, daughter of the late civil rights founder Rev. Dr. Ralph David Abernathy
  • Yvonne Burke - First African American elected to State Office in California, current LA County Supervisor
  • Dyan Cannon - Actress (“Ally McBeal”, “Out to Sea”)
  • Diana Nyad - World-record distance swimmer
  • Paul Sorvino - Actor (“Goodfellas”, “Law & Order”)
  • Ron Maxwell - Director (“Gettysburg”)

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