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A documentary about women aging from 11 to 104 who are honored on International Women's Day.


Irene Opdyke, featured on Oscar nominated "Courage to Care", rescuer of Jews in WWII. She has received the esteemed "Holocaust Righteous Christian Rescuer" and Israel's highest award, the Medal of Honor.

Stefania Burzminski saved 13 Jews by hiding them at great personal risk for 2 years in WWII.

Brenda Blethyn, actress, Oscar nominee "Secrets and Lies".

Rose Freedman, a 104 years young survivor of the tragic 1911 New York City Triangle Shirt Waist Co. fire which killed 146 employees.

Alexandra Nechita, a truly young 11 year old whose artistic achievements pegged her as the new Picasso.

Allison Anders, writer/director "Gas, Food, Lodging" and "Mi Vida Loca".

Mitsuye Yamada, Japanese born writer, Idaho Concentration Camp survivor, Board Member of Amnesty International.

Marcy Polier, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, founder of Entertainment Data Inc.

Dr. Vivian Brown, Prototypes, CEO, a center for Health, Mental Health, Social Services.

Gloria Allred, feminist attorney, author and radio talk host

Illeana Douglas, actress, "To Die For", "Six Feet Under"

Bill Duke, actor, director, producer, "Hoodlum", "A Rage in Harlem"

Robert Wise, director, Oscar winner, "Sound of Music", "West Side Story"


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