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G E T   I N V O L V E D  !

HELP US spread the word by volunteering your time or becoming a Women's Day USA Sponsor by sending a gift to support our efforts.  Your support will help us to educate the public and promote awareness of what International Women's Day is all about - honoring the spirit, resources and concerns of women in our quest for social balance.

JOIN US as WDUSA reaches out to the community through seminars, lectures, and the distribution of educational materials. We NEED YOUR SUPPORT in many areas.  Please contact us since we are building WDUSA future and archives for IWD Celebrations.

Womens Day USA will need to be steered each year by a volunteer group of individuals and we invite you to join our team for March 8.  We are seeking both leadership and ingenuity from our members.  Please consider how you might be of some help in selecting event sites, picking Honorees, performing or producing portions of the annual event, or to serve as a laison with other IWD activities around the state, around the country.

As a new non-profit organization, WDUSA can use help in many areas including office equipment, space sharing or office support, professional services, and members who like to spread the word about March 8th, Womens Day.

There are so many possibilities, from our web calendar and archives to multi-media and film production/festivals, from our annual events to a grassroots interface with the public school system, Womens Day can grow throughout this country, with your help.

If you would like to be involved, please email March 8.
You can also respond by mail to:

Women's Day USA
9601 Wilshire Blvd., Ste.1181
Beverly Hills CA 90210

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